Testing laboratory evaluation of medicine product quality

Corporate responsibility

SIVIlab test laboratory is absolutely responsible as per legislation of Russian Federation and stand-ards in the area of implemented standards of quality on:

  • Completeness and accuracy of test, objectivity, impersonality, confidentiality of results and conclu-sions, applicable storage of any related documentation.
  • Accuracy and completeness of functions and duties imposed on it.
  • Performance of fixed dates of tests, analysis and presentation of results agreed with Client.
  • Observance of Client proprietary rights for test product, including copyright.
  • Safety of information which is Client’s commercial secret.
  • Provision of effective operation in system of performed works quality.
  • Ecological aspects of activity related to environmental protection.
  • Compliance with the requirements of welfare and safety.
  • Compliance with regulations of test order and process.


You may find out more about our Policy in quality, Privacy policy and Declara-tion of Independence in detail.