Testing laboratory evaluation of medicine product quality

Quality policy of testing laboratory

LLC «SIVIlab» management personnel and its employees are responsible for implementation of the following policy:

«Providing common understanding of quality as basis of economical and technical development, con-tinuous improvement of their activity, compliance to all-Russian international standards.»

Oksana Pankov, head of the laboratory.


Top management of test laboratory is obliged to:

  1. Implement management system of test quality, establishing organizational structure, responsibility, test procedures, requirements to personnel qualification, requirements to resources provision, test methods and organization of intralaboratory control.
  2. Implement and maintain quality management system in working condition by continued increase of its effectiveness.
  3. Increase satisfaction of Clients by complying with their requirements and anticipating their expecta-tions.
  4. Bring the policy and purposes of quality management system to the staff’s notice.
  5. Direct activity of TL to provide confidence in it and its services when performing tests for accredita-tion purposes.
  6. Not to admit any commercial, financial or any other pressure on the staff of test laboratory which can influence on their technical understanding and jeopardize belief in independence and honesty due to activity on test performance.
  7. Provide safety and confidentiality of information on test results except when duly requested by au-thorities.
  8. Comply with the established professional practice and preserve high quality of tests specified in ac-creditation area with correctness laid down in regulatory documents.
  9. Comply with the accreditation criteria and the requirements to accredited official as per GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009.


Compliance of moral and ethic standards is the main principle in the relationships between TL and Clients, co-operating and  competing companies.